Monday, 22 February 2016

Life is full with comparison..

Assalamualaikum and good evening... so what's the difference between you and the other person? Maybe, they have confident more than you, intelligent than you, more attractive than you, score more marks in exam than you, more fashionable than you, more creative than you..

feels sad huh?

so? what's the thing that I'm gonna talk tonight? This temporary world full with comparison. It has so many judges that have so many time to talk negative thing about you... They're trying to create something to push you down. They compare you with the person that look like a perfect person in their eyes.

I found something similar with this ...  they said "when someone do bad things to you, give them flowers but don't forget about the vase.. #jk Can you smile now? Keep calm and keep going.. You may feel insecure with the others that is better than you.. But, it's okay.. It shows that you have a dream to achieve what they have.

But sometime, nobody compare the other person with you... but. it's you.. youself.. But, don't worry it's normal... everyone would feel the same thing if they're in your shoes.. Am I right? However, the crucial thing is what your next action? keep going? or give up? or just stand still and hoping that you dream will becomes true by itself? You must make the decision. Nobody can make it for you.You are now teenagers or adults. It's your responsibility now.

You are not a little baby anymore.You need to choose your path. It's same with.. you want the ice cream in the freezer but you're in your room.However,you doesn't want go to the kitchen  Do you think that the ice cream will walk from the freezer and go into your mouth by itself? There is no such thing.

Nobody said that "LIFE IS EASY".. It depends on you.. keep moving and praying .. You can do it..
I am just a human with a lot of mistake. I am trying to cure my own heart and hoping that others will get something good here.. I am sorry if my language was not very good.. I am learning..

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