Friday, 12 September 2014

First day..Collaboration between SESERI-PRINCESS CHULABORN'S COLLEGE-ASIS our memories from the night when we meet on the first time..we will miss you dear fern(my buddy)..


let's take some picture..rehearsal to celeberate 
our buddy from thailand

our leader give some explanation..sorry 
because the picture is blur..

Yaa!!!they have arrived at seseri...
Welcome to SESERI..

Hey buddies let's take some picture before 
the event begin.

 peace no war..

their teacher want to go to the hotel..bye girls..

at dining hall..fern and aida..

that'all..I will continue the story in the next post..sorry for my broken english..I need to write this post in english because the thailand's students doesn't understand malay language..tata..assalamualaikum and good evening..

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